Meet the Team


Nick Kramer (Director)

Nick brings a lot of creative background to the team. As the director, he knows the direction the industry is going in and aligns Atmosphere Medias actions to meet them.



Natalie Kramer (Editor in Chief)

Natalie is an extremely talented organizer, writer and above all editor, thus earning herself the title of Editor in Chief. She has the final say on what gets published and serves as representative for Atmosphere Medias at social functions.

Lucas Freebrun-Hing Sports Director

Lucas Freeburn-Hing (Sports Director)

Lucas’ advanced project management and people skills helps him to mange the stresses and demands associated with being the Sports Director at Atmosphere Medias.


Mitch Mosseau - Head Photographer

Mitch Mousseau (Head Photographer)

Mitch’s passion for photography has taken him to over 11 different countries on three different continents. He specializes in capturing action sports, scenery and people.


Adam Hendy Head Blogger


Adam has been with Atmosphere Medias from the very beginning. He is a public relations specialist by day and a sports blogger by night. His diverse skill set makes him an integral part of Atmosphere Medias.