WayHome 2017

“Boy, I tell ya, they only come out at night. Or in this case, the daytime.” -Chief Wiggum
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The WayHome Music & Arts Festival was held this weekend at Burl’s Creek Event Grounds for the third year in a row. Located 90 minutes north of Toronto, Burl’s Creek is a 92- acre event ground that also hosts the massive Boots and Hearts Festival. It was an amazing experience attending this year’s WayHome Festival as there was endless entertainment.

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As expected, there was continuous live music from world class artists, however, I still chose to spend most my time in the camping area. With thousands of individual weekend campsites and tens of thousands of people there was a non-stop party adjacent to the live music. You could hear the artists very clearly from the camping area while in the comfort of your own camp. Some campers elected to bring their own DJ and stereo equipment and played their own sets while others took part in games such as frisbee and bocce ball. Ultimately, I would have purchased a ticket just so I could have spent the weekend in the campgrounds.

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The WayHome Music & Arts Festival is only in its third year, yet they seem to have figured out the festival thing a long time ago. Offering over 60 artists on three different stages, gourmet food trucks, camping and even the chance to ride in a hot air balloon, The WayHome Music & Arts Festival is not to be missed. We highly recommended attending the festival next year, you will not be disappointed.

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Nick Kramer

Atmosphere Medias

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