Ever After Music Festival 2018

Bingemans event grounds in Kitchener, Ontario played host the fourth edition of the Ever After Music Festival this past weekend. After our experience at Ever After (EA) 2017 we knew we had to return this year to take in everything the festival had to offer. EA 2018 did not disappoint, boasting an epic events ground including a waterpark, midway games, thrill rides, and various chill zones. That is in addition to the 55+ artists and the mission statement of the weekend “the best lineup of the summer.” In addition EA provided a shaded VIP area with prime views of the stage that provided guests the opportunity to relax and recharge before getting back to the action.

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 8.39.25 PMI had the opportunity to converse with many festival attendees over the weekend and I noticed a trend quickly developing. Countless fans travelled thousands of miles just to experience the magic of EA. I met people who had flown in from all over Canada and the US as well as overseas. After discovering this I almost felt guilty as I only had to travel as short distance by auto as the Europeans like to say to get to EA. However, as the weekend progressed and we took in the atmosphere I knew that these fans were handsomely rewarded for their journey. Personally, Ever After 2018 has left me with a special feeling that is slow to dissipate and makes me eager for what the festival has to offer for next year.

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 8.40.28 PM

There were a variety of unique atmospheres provided by Ever After this session. This can be attributed to the variety of themes the festival offered. For those who were keen to rage in the pit you had the fun loving, yet rowdy atmosphere of those in general admission. You could also take a step back and enjoy the amusement themed atmosphere while playing carnival games, and take time to enjoy the waterpark and amusement rides. Lastly, you could lounge in the VIP area which provided a certain elegance as you could partake in bottle service, relax in the shade and take in the best views of the stage. One can only wish for a pampered experience and Atmosphere Medias was well taken care of, once again.

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 8.40.40 PM

Ever After Music Festival 2018 was one of the best events we have attended. If you missed out this year you need not worry as Ever After plans on doing it all over!!!

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