The 104th Grey Cup

“What’s the point of going out? We’re only gonna wind up back here anyway.” – Homer Simpson

Our game day adventure for the 104th Grey Cup began just after lunch time at one of the country’s most prestigious and exclusive venues, Muzik Night Club. This warmup party provided live music, gourmet food and adult beverages. To our surprise this classy event was an ideal pregame mood setter to what would turn out to be one of the most exciting Grey Cup games in history.

Upon entering BMO Field, we were admitted into Club BMO. This is a separate area that provides an almost all-inclusive experience inside the stadium. This exclusive hub supplied all you could eat food (traditional stadium food as well upscale options such as prime rib), multiple viewing screens, unlimited soft drinks and most importantly, private washrooms. This was definitely an added touch that was greatly appreciated.

The atmosphere during the game was electric, especially during the last few minutes of the fourth quarter leading into overtime. It should also be noted that special musical guests (Alessia Cara and One Republic) also caused quite the stir within the crowd. To top off our day, the near, field level, end zone seats provided a viewing experience that was spectacular, suggesting the point is to go out even though we found it that much harder to leave and wind our way back home.

We will never forget this 104th Grey Cup experience. At Atmosphere Medias, we consider ourselves very fortunate in having the opportunity to attend and experience both of these exclusive events. Atmosphere Medias would highly recommend attending a Grey Cup game, as well as an event at Muzik Nightclub.

Nick Kramer

Founder Atmosphere Medias


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