The Centennial Classic

“If you need me, I’ll be in the refrigerator.” – Homer Simpson

January 1st marked the first day of 2017 and Toronto’s first outdoor NHL hockey game. The Centennial Classic was played at BMO Field along the edge of Lake Ontario. Our seats were ideal. If we looked to the right, we had a perfect sightlines of the rink and when looking left we had spectacular views of Toronto and one of Canada’s Great lakes.

The Centennial Classic not only offered an entertaining outdoor hockey game. This event also provided a large venue and an intimate concert experience. The Arkells played a small venue set and helped to prepare the crowd for the excitement they would soon face. This is the type of event that our Entertainment Director lives for. Too bad he wasn’t able to attend.  We were also treated to a three song set performed by Bryan Adams that brought the crowd to their feet during the first intermission. Once again our staff has been spoiled in gaining multiple entertaining experiences all at the same event.

With stellar performances by the above artists we felt as if excitement levels could only drop throughout the duration of the game. However, an original six match-up, between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings, did not disappoint as the crowd were on the edge of their seats well after regulation time. The Maple Leafs’ overtime winning goal caused an eruption of noise and commotion inside BMO Field, resulting in one of the most exciting atmospheres our bloggers have ever witnessed.

I am still shocked sometimes on the weather variations in Ontario, despite living here my whole life. I had sat in virtually the same seats as one month prior (at the 104th Grey Cup) and the temperatures were completely different. We went from comfortably sitting in light fall apparel to arctic quality jackets (Canada Goose) and still catching the occasional chill. In this situation my associate blogger would have gladly chosen a seat in a refrigerator to stay a little warmer.

This event comes highly recommended by Atmosphere Medias. The Centennial Classic was so much more than a hockey game. This event allowed our team to witness a piece of Canadian history.

Nick Kramer

Founder Atmosphere Medias


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