Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

If you have a passion for action sports or an interest in travelling and adventure, then The Banff Mountain Film Festival is for you. This film festival highlights today’s biggest and best big-screen stories; from exploration journeys to experiencing exotic locations from all around the globe. The exhilarating film festival also showcases a multitude of action-packed videos of extreme sports as many photographers, athletes and daredevils submit to the worldly acclaimed Film Festival of the Banff Mountain.

This 2017 film festival encapsulated some of the craziest footage I have ever witnessed from attending this annual event over the past 4 years. A glimpse of this can been seen in the film, “Yorkshire Rows”. Four courageous and high-spirited British mothers hold the world record of being the oldest women in history ever to manually row across the most treacherous waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  Their journey lasted 68 days and they traveled over 3000 miles.

Other stories which showcase fearless adventurers are illustrated in the tale of fearless rock climbers in the French Polynesia. This untouched landscape is a paradise for both climbers and climbing alike. Some stories carried the viewer across more remote areas on this green and blue planet were such as those found in British Columbia’s Rocky Mountains, Norway’s dauntless cliff-faces, California’s Pacific Highway Trails, and the rolling landscape of Scotland’s biking hills.

As for myself, I am an active, enthusiastic person who seeks adventures from all across the world. I am a snowboarder and surfer and I will continue my journey finding more places to do what I love. I found in watching the Banff Mountain Film Festival, that I can live vicariously through the intensely packed videos of courageous people who go to places unexplored. I highly recommend anyone who has the love for the outdoors, who thrives on exploring exotic locations or who is action sport-oriented to witnessing the myriad of these spectacular films.

Travis Reid

Social Media Director Atmosphere Medias


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