Electric Elements 2017

Electric Elements 2

(Courtesy of Electric Elements Facebook page)

Electric Elements is a May Two-Four Long Weekend Music Festival that takes place just off the shore of Beach 1 in Wasaga Beach. For years Wasaga Beach has been known as a premier party destination, and Electric Elements helped the Town live up to its reputation this Victoria Day.

Electric Elements chose an exceptional venue to host their festival. You can listen to the artists performing live just steps away from the largest freshwater beach in the world. From the VIP section within the festival you can take in the views of beautiful Georgian Bay.

Electric Elements

(Courtesy of Electric Elements Facebook page)

The first day of Electric Elements was a huge success, with thousands of people present to take in the live music, the amazing weather and of course the atmosphere. On Sunday, however, the weather was much more unpleasant, with rain down pouring for most the day. This is when the true electric music fans came to play. I was amazed at how many people came despite the poor conditions. The weather did not seem to faze these fans at all.

I personally love Wasaga Beach and share that same feeling for long weekends. Electric Elements was an amazing kick-off party for the summer and truly is Canada’s biggest May Two-Four Party. This is an event I highly recommend checking out next year.


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