Ever After Music Festival 2017

The Ever After Music Festival was once again held in Kitchener, Ontario at Bingemans event grounds. Ever After was unlike any festival we have previously attended. They had over 50 artists perform, on three different stages, which provided non-stop entertainment. However, it was the extras that really made this festival a success. Ever After offered amusement park rides (included with festival ticket) midway games, a water park and a massive VIP shaded area. The combination of these features resulted in us having the time of our lives.

IMG_0317We have been to many festivals in the past, yet Ever After 2017 left us with a special feeling long after the event was over. I think it was the entire experience offered by Ever After that made the event so exceptional. It seems as if there are festivals almost every weekend in the summer, and Ever After has separated themselves from the rest of the pack.

There were a variety of atmospheres at Ever After due to the many different themes.  You had the rowdy yet fun loving atmosphere in the crowds that are essential at a festival. You also had atmosphere of an amusement park/ water park and the excitement that comes along with playing carnival games. I must say one of my one of my favourite atmospheres was that of the VIP. This section offered endless shade, bottle service and the chance to relax between sets.


Ever After Music Festival 2017 was one of the best events we have attended. If you missed out this year you need not worry as Ever After will be back bigger and better in 2018.

Nick Kramer

Atmosphere Medias

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