Canada’s Wonderland’s Brew and BBQ Festival

Since 1981, Canada’s Wonderland has annually satisfied millions of ride warriors. It is no surprise that people continue to visit Canada’s Wonderland, as the park introduces new features and attractions each season. What is surprising is that the park holds a premier Brew and BBQ Festival among the iron giants and wooden coasters.


The 2nd Annual Brew & BBQ Festival was held on Saturday June 24th and Sunday June 25th. This festival featured 19 craft breweries, live music and a lineup of BBQ dishes, crafted by Canada’s Wonderland’s very own Executive Chef Dilup Attygalla. My personal favorite was the BBQ Pork Belly.

I have attended many beer festivals already this season and I can confidently say that Canada’s Wonderland’s Brew and BBQ Festival can run with the best of them. Canada’s Wonderland’s Brew and BBQ Festival had two unique features that I have not witnessed at any other beer festival. The park offered a family friendly environment and of course some of the best roller coasters in North America.


The atmosphere at Canada’s Wonderland’s Brew and BBQ Festival was unlike any other atmosphere I had previously experienced. Inside the Action Zone (location of Brew & BBQ Festival) you could easily forget you were at an amusement park. The relaxed crowd and live music made for an ideal beer tasting environment. On the other hand, if you looked around you could see the massive roller coasters and hear the screams of excitement from the guests. This immediately brought on a feeling of a happy confusion. I now I had to decide if I would join my fellow ride warriors or if I would stay in the paradise of the Beer & BBQ Festival.

I would have considered my weekend a success if I had visited either Canada’s Wonderland or spent an afternoon at their Brew & BBQ Festival. However, this past weekend I was fortunate enough to experience both outings in the same day. I highly recommend visiting Canada’s Wonderland, especially on that one special weekend a year that is their Beer & BBQ Festival. With over 200 attractions, 69 rides, a water park, live shows and special events Canada’s Wonderland is the perfect summer destination.

Nick Kramer

Atmosphere Medias

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