Toronto Pro Super Show 2017

Pack as much muscle, spray tans, and grunting in one convention center and you have the annual Toronto Pro Show. I parked about a mile from the place, and walking slowly closer and closer I noticed more and more fit, tones, jacked, large individuals descending upon the center and taking up walkway space. These aren’t your average looking humans and this isn’t your average trade show – this is a special show geared towards everything fitness.

Mike OHearn

On May 27th and 28th Toronto held its Pro Show featuring over 100 attractions as diverse as arm wrestling and pole dancing competition to IFBB Championships and Bikini model search competitions. If you’re into fitness, no matter what the discipline, there’s something there for you, and something new to explore.

The booths that attracted the most buzz were the high profile guests. From Furious Pete who has 4.1 million YouTube subscribers, Rich Piana who has 1.1 million Instagram followers, and Lauren Drain who has 3.6 million subscribers, the show brought some serious mainstream guests for people to interact with. The great part about this was that all three people took their time to actually have a conversation with people who wanted one, and had them leave with a picture to post themselves. Although this made the lineups huge, each person was allowed to leave with something valuable – the time of someone that inspires them.

Furious Pete

The experience for the average attendee was terrific. With so many booths, live shows, and interactive setups, there wasn’t any room for boredom. What I personally enjoyed was the behemoth of companies offering free samples of protein powder and bars, as well as pre-workout. I didn’t eat breakfast and I didn’t need one after a brisk walk past the supplement company’s booths.

IFBB Pro Men's Classic Physique Kevin Ford

If you’re into Fitness and have a few hours to spend, the Pro Show is an excellent bang for your buck at $20 entry fee for the day. Its great entertainment, and if you’re like me, you’ll leave motivated to get a little more fit for next year’s event.

Adam Kozak

Atmosphere Medias

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