TFOB 2017

“Buy me a beer. Two bucks a glass.”- Barney Gumble

Bandshell Park, located inside Exhibition Place, once again hosted the Toronto’s Festival of Beer (TFOB). This year’s festival featured over 400 different types of beer and 100 unique breweries. As well, TFOB featured the world class artists Method Man & Redman, Sloan and Alan Doyle throughout the weekend.

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I have been to many different beer festivals this year alone, and in my honest opinion they have all been great. There is no such thing as a bad beer festival.  Having said that, this year’s TFOB has raised the beer festival bar for me. The instant I crossed the threshold and entered the park, I was blown away. This was the first beer festival that I have attended that was not for craft breweries only, and it was clear that the big breweries had big money. For instance, Moosehead had an amazing display set up. It included their own wooden patio, a massive L-shaped bar and live music. Molson Canadian, Corona and Twisted Tea also had memorable displays while MGD had their very own silent disco.

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My favourite aspect of TFOB, other than the variety of beverages, were all the mini games and challenges put on by various breweries. I spent a significant portion of the afternoon exploring Bandshell Park and taking part in these activities. Molson Canadian had a hockey skill shot challenge, Coors Banquet gave you the opportunity to practice your lassoing technique, Sleeman offered corn hole and you could also play life size beer pong at the Twisted Tea display.

The atmosphere inside the event was incredible. It was estimated that over 30 000 people visited TFOB over the weekend. You couldn’t help but be in a great mood. There were $2 beers, live music, gourmet food trucks and of course swag which included sunglasses, stickers, bottle openers and even handmade beer box hats from Steam Whistle brewery.

If you can only make it out to one beer festival next year, make it the TFOB, it will exceed your expectations. We met a group of friends that have been attending TFOB for the past seven years who would tell you the same thing.


Tickets for TFOB 2018 go on sale December 1st. Fair warning: they are hard to come by.

Nick Kramer

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