Country for the Non-Country Canadian

Classy Barbara Mandell was serious, when back in 1983 she sang…..”I was Country when Country wasn’t cool. I was Country from my hats down to my BOOTS…..”

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(Ascetic Magazine)

Boots and Hearts Music Festival is always a “call out” to hardcore country music fans. They need no real explanation as to the popularity of the genre. They were Country when Country wasn’t cool!!!  There is however, a new and growing base to country music: millennials. Perhaps this is inspired by the popularity of the television show, Nashville, or maybe by the crossover of current pop artists collaborating with current country artists. This new fanbase might be attracted to Boots for the first time. Atmosphere Medias (AM), now a regular at the festival, was once new to this genre and thought it would be a good idea to write a brief message for those who might not be sure whether or not they are a country music fan.

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AM found ourselves attending our first Boots and Hearts in 2014 mostly, because the festival was held very close to our homes.  We had listened to old country and some new country as youngsters, but mostly it was influenced by our parents. At the time of our first visit to Boots, we decided it was important to do a little YouTube/Spotify research on some the headliners playing that year. It was amazing to learn that we were aware of far more songs than we thought. Our understanding of country music was limited and this new country sound was completely different from the old. We already were, on a small scale, country music fans. That means, maybe you are too!!!

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(Boots & Hearts)

I also think it is important to note that in addition to the world class headliners of this year’s festival such as Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris, Cole Swindell and Kip Moore, the Boots team has also brought back a number of fan favourites. These include beach volleyball, carnival games, Instagram moments and who could forget the larger than life LED Ferris wheel. The Boots and Heart Music Festival team is truly committed to make your festival experience unforgettable.

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(Boots & Hearts)

There is so much more to Boots and Hearts and “Country” as a whole than just country music. AM’s experiences have proven that “Country” is more a way of life. Boots festival attendees truly embody Canadian hospitality and for the weekend you become part of a large extended family (without the drama). Topping that off, summer weather, camping, cold beer and of course, world class county music make it is easy to become a Canadian Country music fan. AM strongly urges you to make an effort to visit Burl’s Creek during the August 8th-11th weekend and we’d be willing to wager that you will become a “Country” fan by the end of the weekend!

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(Boots & Hearts)

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