Troubadour Festival 2019


The Heritage Estate Winery, Dani Strong, Andrew Hyatt and Margo and her Junkies could have asked for a better Saturday to perform in Barrie’s Troubadour Festival 2019, but they would be hard pressed to ever find one.  Knowing that summer’s lease does hath to short a date, about 200 paying fans were treated to a fantastic evening of music as they did their best to hide any thoughts of welcoming autumn.  Atmosphere Medias (AM) appreciates the blessings associated with all the seasons but always have the most difficulty in saying goodbye to the summer.


Booths were set up outside the winery for those wishing to grab a bite to eat or perchance to enjoy any of the local ciders.  Bales of hay were positioned under a canopy for those who chose not to bring any lawn chairs and the 3  bands performed about 1 hour sets.  Each band had their own distinct style of music that made for a perfect evening and experience.  AM highly recommends participating next year!!!!


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