The Toronto Huskies (Raptors)

“Don’t feel bad for losing. I was wrestling wolves.” – Groundskeeper Willie

On January 10th, my head blogger and I witnessed an uncharacteristic comeback win by the Blue and White at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre.  Despite what many of you may be thinking I am not referring to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Instead I am talking about the Toronto Huskies. The Huskies now known as the Raptors, hosted the inaugural game of what would become the NBA. This season marks the 70th anniversary of that team and the Toronto Raptors are playing several games in old time Huskies’ jerseys to celebrate. Thanks to the work of my head blogger we were fortunate to be in attendance for what I am sure will be one of the most exciting games of this promotional series.

The Toronto Raptors promotional staff did an amazing job involving the crowd at nearly every break in game play. These promoters should be given some credit in the Raptors comeback win, as the crowd surely helped to influence the outcome. Throughout the evening a series of promoters came to our section giving away towels, t-shirts and other Raptors memorabilia to the loudest and most exciting fans. They even gave away an official Toronto Huskies Jersey to every section inside the ACC.

This was a premier night out for people of all ages, with an emphasis on the millennial generation. After attending a variety of recent events in the GTA, I think it is safe to say the Raptors will soon be the “city’s team.” To the Celtic fans in attendance please don’t feel bad as I could imagine overhearing point guard Isaiah Thomas say “they are not raptors, they’re huskies.”

Nick Kramer

Founder Atmosphere Medias


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