Scotties Tournament of Hearts

“Well, we’re in Canada. Let’s find something fun.” – Bart Simpson

This year’s Scotties Tournament of Hearts was held at the Meridian Centre in beautiful St Catharines, Ontario. For those of you who don’t know this is an all-women’s curling tournament and is held annually in various locations across Canada. The Scotties Tournament of Hearts is a battle between all of Canada’s provinces and territories with the winner becoming Team Canada. Along with the bragging rights the winning team has also earns the privilege of representing the country in international tournaments such as the World Championships and the Olympics.

The Meridian Centre was an ideal venue for this year’s Scotties Tournament of Hearts, providing an intimate viewing experience and offering exceptional views from every seat. One of my favourite parts about attending national sporting events (Scotties Tournament of Hearts and the Grey Cup) is the chance to meet and converse with many different people who have travelled here from across the country. It is a rare opportunity to have such a wide variety of Canadians all under the same roof and it is satisfying to realize how much we have in common.

The atmosphere of this year’s tournament paralleled the atmosphere of a large family gathering. There was a sense of competitiveness in the air, however at the end of the day everyone knew that in the future, no matter the outcome of the tournament we would all be cheering for the same province or territory. This was the first time I have attended an event when it is okay and even encouraged to hop on the bandwagon. The Scotties Tournament of Hearts was an amazing experience and one that I hope to attend again in the future.

Nick Kramer

Founder Atmosphere Medias



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