Toronto’s Winter Brewfest

“Ah, beer, my one weakness. My Achilles’ heel, if you will.” – Homer Simpson

Atmosphere Medias attended Toronto’s second annual Winter Brewfest, located inside the Enercare Centre’s Heritage Court at Exhibition Place. This event played host to over 60 breweries and 150 craft beers from across Ontario and Quebec. This intimate setting allowed guests to discover a wide range of craft breweries and taste a variety of delicious gourmet foods from Toronto’s best food trucks.

This event was unsurprisingly sold out, which resulted in an amazing atmosphere. The event floor was set up so a beer tap was never more than a few steps away and RFID wristbands were used so lineups were eliminated. These wristbands acted as your digital wallet and beverages could be purchased with the tap of your wrist.

Winter Brewfest provided attendees with the opportunity to sample many different craft beers that they would not have access to in the province of Ontario. Partnerships were made with Quebec breweries and they made the long trek down to Exhibition Place for our enjoyment.

We noticed that there were no televisions anywhere in the event centre, only good music, great beer and excellent company. This approach was appreciated as it reduced distractions providing an ideal opportunity to converse with brewery operators, politicians and members of the public.

Winter Brewfest was an amazing experience and we highly recommend that you check it out next year, either in Toronto or Ottawa.

Nick Kramer

Founder Atmosphere medias


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