WayHome Music and Arts Festival 2017

What an experience to spend a few days at Wayhome Music and Art festival. The location at Burls Creek in Oro-Medonte provided an enormous amount of space to enjoy music performances and indulge in various captivating art and entertainment venues.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 1.50.34 PM

Wayhome had two large main stages and two smaller ones. Each stage I experienced attracted the thousands of people who attended. The staff and guests were some of the friendliest and energetic people I have yet to encounter at a main entertainment festival. There were also art sculptures with some vibrant colored and psychedelic pieces. The retail booths at Wayhome provided a memoir of accessories that you could take “Wayhome”, none of which one could ignore if they attended this event.

The musical atmosphere at Wayhome encapsulated a combination of musical genres. These diverse sounds ranged from folk music to indie, pop, hip hop and R&B as well as rock and electronic dance music (EDM). The acts on stage were headlining some of today’s greatest music. I enjoyed the different varieties and culture of each genre of music performed. These artists entertained some of their newest songs, legendary tracks, top40 hits, and underground discoveries. The Naked&Famous, Foster the People, Flume, Imagine Dragons, Marshmello, SchoolboyQ, Vance Joy, and Frank Ocean were some of the artists of this year’s line-up.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 1.50.01 PM

The Wayhome Music and Arts Festival is an atmosphere you need to check out, I definitely will be returning for more next year. The countdown is on.

Travis Reid

Atmosphere Medias


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