Veld 2017

Throughout music history, genres have constantly interacted creating new combinations of genres. Kanye West brought soul music to the hip hop forefront. Today’s EDM (Electric Dance Music) evolved from 70’s disco. In 2017, the merging of genres is no different and was symbolized by this past weekend’s Veld music festival.


The summer of music was in full effect this past weekend in Toronto with Veld rolling into town. In previous years, VELD has been advertised as an Electric Dance Music festival and the lineup reflected as such. However, this year the festival had a different feel to it. Rather than being composed of strictly EDM (Electric Dance Music) artists, Veld 2017 was half composed of hip-hop and rap artists. Artists such as Future, ASAP Ferg, Migos and Tory Lanez headlined this year’s event. This shift in genre attracted the hip hop heads new to VELD. I was intrigued as to how the rap music fans would react to EDM artists and vice-versa. To my surprise, both groups seemed really engaged in the others artists and enjoyed being exposed to different types of music they are accustomed to. The rap fans vibed to the rap remixes from Zedd. The EDM fans had no trouble raving to the trap beats from Migos.


Aside from a few attendees partying a little too hard, everyone was having the time of their life. If you needed a break the Ferris wheel gave you a great view of the entire venue. If you got hungry food trucks such as Smokes Poutine were onsite. As the first day came to a conclusion all attendees gathered around for the final performer, Future.


Future truly was the perfect headliner for the new shift in VELD 2017. Hailing from Atlanta Georgia, Future truly symbolized Veld merging both rap and EDM together in one festival. EDM headliners such as Major Lazer have collaborated with the likes of Travis Scott. Future has made a name for himself using beats very similar to EDM. Over recent year’s trap music has seen a shift with the poster boy seeming to be Future. The use of EDM instrumentals being rapped over by the likes of Future and Migos truly exemplifies the new age of trap and rap music.  As the festival concluded, I think fans of both genres walked away with the new found appreciation for the other’s music, until next year Veld, it’s been fun!

Lucas Freeburn-Hing

Atmosphere Medias

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