The Big Feastival

With big and beautiful Burls Creek as the backdrop, The Big Feastival debut its first-class  event here in Canada for the first time, and what an event it was. From world class music to top tier culinary delights, good vibes only might as well have been the motto because the atmosphere was relaxing and easygoing from beginning to end.


The Big Feastival brand debut in Canada for the first time on August 18-20th, previously being exclusive to England. Because it is Chef Jamie Oliver’s creation, it was culinary-centered, with cooking classes and workshops available for all. Also, top musical talent such as Ben Harper, Weezer and MAGIC! played on the one stage.

The music featured headliners that could captivate all age groups. I grew up with Weezer as a young lad, but even now as I’m in my mid twenties I was beside teenagers now who were able to keep up and sing word for word songs they wrote over twenty years ago. It was a great choice since this event was family-centered.


The food was incredible. I had a wood oven pizza that was large enough for a hungry growing boy and tasty enough where I didn’t feel scammed by paying $12. Sometimes food at music festivals is too expensive and simply not worth it, but not here.

Overall I enjoyed the low attendance, relaxed atmosphere, and good vibes The Big Feastival had to offer. There was no drunken unruly behavior that is everywhere at other festivals, so this was a nice change.

Adam Kozak

Atmosphere Medias

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